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Reclaiming Femininity: What Is Cycle Syncing?

  For the last several months I have been on a journey to better overall health and wellness. One area of my health that I honestly never took quite as seriously was that of my feminine health, I figured that as long as I saw my gynecologist for my annual visits and tests were normal than that was all I needed to do. However, there is much more to feminine health than just a normal pap smear and while this is something you may already know, this was news to me. So that brings me to the purpose of this post. I have been learning more about my menstrual cycle and the various phases so that I can better understand what is actually happening to my body, why I feel the way I feel at various times throughout the month and how to better support these changes within my body for a better experience. One method that I have been using is that of cycle syncing and as I am not a medical professional I will provide the definition courtesy of “Cycle syncing is when you change life

New Series: Reclaiming Femininity

   Reclaiming Femininity I’m starting a new series on the blog with content that will be more female focused. I will continue to post faith based content as well. I plan to continue our Bible Study Series in the new year, the format will change a bit as these lessons will be shorter and come in both video and written form. As for Reclaiming Femininity, this content will be both physical and spiritual in nature. This series aims to bridge the gap between the modern world we live in while reconnecting with traditional values and biblical womanhood. The first post will go live Nov 21, 23. Thanks, Chloe