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End of The Year Fast

2022 End Of the Year Fast  This year will be the first for our annual End Of The Year Fast. During this time of Consecration we will clear out the things that has been distracting us from our God given purpose and seek to hear from God more clearly.  Will we begin on December 12 at 8PM, I will host a special live study at 8pm EST for cooperate prayer and study.  The protocols for our fact is linked in the document below.

Is Biblical Fasting Still Necessary?

  Do Christians still need to fast today? Short answer… Yes! There are several accounts in the bible that speak to faithful servants of God fasting for various reasons.  The bible is intended to be a guide for us on how we should live our lives.  Now while the way we approach these biblical topics may differ in our day, the principles still apply. Two of my favorite accounts of fasting in the bible are centered around Esther and Daniel, they were both fasting for direction from God but their methods were slightly different. I would encourage you to read both accounts, Daniel chapter 12 and Esther chapter 4. While the traditional means of fasting is the absence of food, there are other ways to fast.  I have found fasting from people, places or things that have become distractions and hinder me from hearing God clearly when he speaks have been very effective for me so don’t discount this type of fast. Here’s a few things to remember when considering a fast whether it’s your first t